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Howard CDM

HOWARD CDM builds superior products for its clients throughout Southern California. Established in 1972, Howard CDM has created a tangible legacy by focusing on the needs of its clients, fostering relationships and successfully bringing project plans to fruition. Formed with focus on commercial construction and development management, Howard CDM was born.

HOWARD CDM consistently provides the highest quality service by exceeding each client’s expectations while adhering to corresponding budgets and timelines. Our passion for development is reflected in every aspect of our business, from the projects we accept to the people we recruit and employ. The foundation of Howard CDM is our people. Our employees bring decades of skilled design and construction experience, professionalism and enthusiasm to every detail. From pre-construction through design management to construction, our team is devoted to success stories.

We believe experience builds confidence. For the past 40 years, Howard CDM has gained this confidence and experience through the completion of projects for our diverse client base, which includes Robertson Properties Group, Vestar Development Company, L&R Investment Company, Laemmle Theatres, Orange County School of the Arts and Sprout LA, just to name a few.